Vasectomy Recovery Underwear Briefs

You just had a vasectomy and you're looking for the best way to recover, with as little pain as possible. You are probably asking yourself, "What is the best underwear to wear after a vasectomy?"   Well, you are in luck, my friend. Undeez has developed a Urologist recommended, premium men's vasectomy recovery underwear that will help you bounce back from your procedure with ease. We've gone to extreme lengths to provide the best recovery option when it comes to bouncing back from your vasectomy procedure. Each pair of Undeez comes with two ice packs that you can insert into the front pouch to ice your balls. You can rotate the ice packs as desired to help with your post-vasectomy pain and swelling. The briefs are not only comfortable, but they also provide support for your testicles. The ice packs are flexible providing maximum coverage with a gentle touch, all while keeping your balls cold and getting you well on your way to recovery.   

Undeez vasectomy underwear briefs offer total comfort and support during your vasectomy recovery. They're made with a lightweight material that provides comfort and support for the groin and testicles that help you recover faster, reduce pain, minimize swelling and promote healing. In addition to being comfortable, they also provide relief from post-vasectomy pain by keeping your scrotum cool while you sit down or move around the house, or work at your home office. Each pair of Undeez comes with two packs of our flexible, reusable ice pack inserts. We have designed them to be flexible so they conform to your body perfectly providing maximum coverage over the surgical area and your testicles.   Undeez Vasectomy Underwear Briefs are made from a comfortable fabric blend that's super stretchy and comfy, all while maintaining support. They have a front pouch called the "testi-cooler" so you can keep the cool packs in place without having to hold them in place. They keep your testicles cool, but they also provide support which is important during the immediate post-surgery period.   Countless men have used our briefs to recovery from their vasectomy faster, with less pain. Take it from one of our happy customers that wrote to us:  

"I was skeptical at first, but I gave them a try and they really helped with my post-surgery pain relief. They were also great for keeping me from shifting the ice packs around or having to hold them in place. The briefs are comfortable and keep everything securely in place and provide support. I'm glad a friend recommended Undeez to me for after my surgery." – John L., Seattle, WA

 Undeez is Urologist-recommended underwear briefs that are engineered specifically to help men recover from a vasectomy as comfortably as possible. We spent countless hours creating our patent-pending underwear to help men, just like you, bounce back as soon as possible and get back on their feet.   Each pair of Undeez comes with two ice packs that are specially designed to ensure proper relief while you walk around, sit down or lie down during your recovery period. The front pouch is called the "testi-cooler" and the groin-shaped ice packs easily slide in and out, minimizing any accidental contact with your sore spots or stitches. When it comes time for you to ice, just simply insert one of the ice packs in the font pouch and let them work their magic. Since there are two, you can rotate them as desired so that you always have a cool ice pack on hand ready to go when you need some sweet relief.  

Undeez benefits:

  • Keep your manhood cool and comfy while you recover
  • Made from the gentlest fabric to make sure you can ice without feeling discomfort
  • Comes 2 ice packs in every pack to stay cooler than a polar bear’s butt in Alaska
  • Help to reduce swelling and pain
  • Flexible gel ice packs for maximum flexibility and coverage
  • Easy access front pouch allowing ice packs to slide right in
  • Urologist recommended to reduce swelling and discomfort
 Our ice pack inserts are made from a flexible gel that conforms to your body providing maximum coverage over the surgical area. They're reusable, so you can use them to ensure proper relief after each day of your recovery.   After you have fully recovered from your procedure, the briefs work great as workout compression underwear that you can use to exercise, hike, or use for other physical activities to keep things in place.   As you prepare for your vasectomy, do yourself a favor and get yourself the gift on Undeez to help you bounce back faster with less pain. You won't regret it.